Welcome to Anti-Shur'tugal: The Anime Project.  The goal of this project is to create a likable anime adaption of The Inheritance Books for both fans and critics of the series.  The show will be called "Shur'tugal."

I went into film school and I have always dreamed of directing a loyal adaption of the series.  As a teen I had read the first two books and I admittedly remember the series as being better than it actually is.  I remembered liking the first book “Eragon” and finding the second book boring but felt like it had a few interesting plot points.  I had not finished the last books but read the ending on a wiki and found it disappointing including how little the other dragons showtime was.  Thorn only had a few lines.  At first I thought that I would make a very loyal adaption of the first book ‘Eragon’ in 10 to 20 episodes and the interesting parts of “Eldest” in 2-5 episodes and then end the series with a few half assed sappy episodes to wrap it up that more or less followed the ending of the series.  However upon going back over the first books and actually reading the ending books, I just can’t bring myself to do that.  As a kid I had put my own thoughts and feelings into the series but as an adult I see the flaws.  By the time I am done making the series I will have put so much time into it I will be sad for it to be unenjoyable to myself or the fans. Thus I would like the show to smooth over these flaws and create an adaption that is loyal to the main narrative even if some details are changed or built upon.I will be directing and producing this project within the next 5 years.

"Shur'tugal" will focus on the friendship between a dragon and its rider.  In the series the word will refer to both the dragon and its rider.  The main plot of the story is going focus on Saphira a little more.  It going to be about Saphira and Eragon working as a team to fight for her freedom and the freedom of all future dragons against Galbatorix who has gone mad with grief and will stop at nothing to resurrect his dead dragon partner no matter the cost or who is hurt in the process.