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10:12 AM (7 minutes ago)
to Martina
Good ideas.  Weird that Galbatorix being nobility actually came from Paolini himself.  Initially I thought it was a bad idea and was going make human riders mostly orphans that could easily be indoctrinated into dragon rider society as seen here:  However it makes sense that a noble family would push to have their children chosen to become riders.  Especially a noble family in an area suppressed by elves.  I could even see them pre-agreeing that their child could be taken and  'schooled' by the elves.  I could see how much pressure it would be for a young child who was chosen and the youngest in both his family and the riders to prove himself.  I could see his young dragon wanting to prove herself and her human as being just as good as the elves to create equality and peace.
Attempted dialog- This is a rough idea.  I know my dialog sucks.  I am not a writer but I am trying to lay out certain events/ideas.They could be polished later if used.
Young Galbatorix (thinking): My parents want me to prove that humans are just as good as elves.  I can do it.
Baby Jarnunvosk: I think you are better than anyone else.
Young Galbatorix: Do you think so?
Baby Jarnunvosk (happily): Yeah! We will show everyone! 
Young Galbatorix: Thanks Jarnunvosk!  You're the best!
He hugs her.
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