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Not really relevant to the plot.  It is okay background info for Sloan I guess but I don't really see how it is going come up.

According to the IC wiki:


Alden was the father of Sloan, the father-in-law of Ismira, the grandfather of Katrina, the grandfather-in-law of Roran, and the great-grandfather to Katrina and Roran's daughter Ismira.


Alden most likely grew up in Carvahall. He was probably a butcher, like Sloan. When he was of suitable age, he married an unnamed woman and she gave birth to Sloan, and perhaps other children, though that is not known.


Alden is most likely dead, as Sloan has control over the butcher business and Katrina has never mentioned her grandfather. He was not mentioned among the villagers that left for Surda or stayed in Carvaha

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