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Hi everyone (inculding the silent lurkers), I have been really curious to ask the community these questions.  If everyone wouldn’t mind trying to answer all these questions about how to fix Eragon.  It is kind of like a brainstorming exercise.  If you don
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The following is a modified take on Galbatrorix. Quoted text is from the inheritance fandom wiki.  These are notes/ideas for the anime so I am not bothering to write an article in my own words.  I probably will not focus this much on rider history or poli
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If you were originally a fan what did you like about the Inheritance Cycle?  I am just really curious about this.  Was it the bond with a dragon, fights/battle/war, magic, going from adolescence to manhood, etc. For me it was a bond with the dragon.  I ad
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This is the outline I have been working on for the anime adaption.  Most of the ideas and bullet points are to be credit to the users of the site.  I am going have to start keeping track of who has been helping me.  So far epistler, gharial, hergrim, kippu
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   I have been reading The Dark Griffin as suggested by Predak.  I think it was written by Kippur who made the Eragon Sporkings.  I enjoy that the griffin/human bond because it seems equal and realistic.  It was a great example of worldbuilding.  As Preda
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 What would A Dragon Want? What would A Dragon Want? I have been hanging out here for a while. It is one of my favorite things to do because everyone has such remarkable posts. I find the topic of the dragons in Eragon one of the most interesting subject
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How I Would Have Ended "Inheritance" by Predak123 I don’t know about you, but “Inheritance” was pretty dang disappointing, even as an anti-fan with low expectations. I finished with a “That’s it?” No real sacrifices, no real discoveries or reveals—it was
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A Dragon's Eldunarí This is a Brainstorming Entry. I haven't thought of Eragon for awhile but recently the whole thing about the heart of hearts came to mind. I always thought a dragon's eldunarí seemed like a cruel prison for the soul to me. The dragon
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