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WorldBuilding - Dragon and Human Partners - Can It be fixed? Attempt 2 (Repost)

  What would a Dragon Want? Saphira and Eragon

I have been reading The Dark Griffin as suggested by Predak.  I think it was written by Kippur who made the Eragon Sporkings.  I enjoy that the griffin/human bond because it seems equal and realistic.  It was a great example of worldbuilding.  As Predak said  “In "The Dark Griffin" (or maybe one if its sequels?), the griffins explain that they enter into partnerships with humans because humans build things like cities and raise animals; griffins, despite their magic, can't do that.”


In the Inheritance Cycle however the bond is so unequal.  Dragons are basically slaves to their human or elf partner.  So I have once again been trying to think of ways to fix it and its history.


The part about the dragons living in Alagaësia makes sense.  The elves coming to Alagaësia from Alalëa is also okay.  I am curious to why they came. Were the elves exploring or were they running from something like a war or natural disaster. I looked it up on the Inheritance Wiki which said “ The elves originally came to Alagaësia to escape the aftermath of a terrible mistake.” I would like to know what the mistake was…


Right off the bat, I want to make some changes about their races.  I want neither race to be immortal, I think they should just have long lifespans if anything.  Also dragons like the elves barley reproduce.  Dragons also stop growing at some point.  I would say that they could only get as large as the adult dragon in this picture.  Any bigger is just too big for what the series is suppose to be about.  This isn’t Godzilla.  This is a series about a human and dragon bonded for life.



I am not sure if the history of the dragon elf war really makes sense.  Elves are suppose to be vegetarians but one of them hunted a dragon?  Did they become vegetarians afterward?  The Dragon/Elf war or Du Fyrn Skulblaka seems to come from a completely separate universe to me.  A part of me thinks it would be better if the elves settle down in a important part of dragon territory such as the breeding ground or the dragon graveyard (which may be like the elephant graveyard with Eldunarya).  Who know maybe dragons have a shorter lifespans then the elves and hence need a graveyard.


Elves live to be a thousand years-two thousand years old

Dragons live to be 500-600 years old

Humans live to be 80-100 years old

Maybe this special territory is both a It could even be both a breeding ground with eggs and a dragon graveyard with Eldunarya.  Maybe the dragons are extremely territorial of the area. 

Lets say the dragons have had problems with Urgals and Dwarves already.  Lets say Urgals are native to Algaesia in this version or at least came to the area first out of all the other races.  They hunt dragons for their meat. Urgals do not view dragons as sentient.  Then dwarves have tried to steal the Eldunarya before thinking they are gems.The dwarves are also not not native to the land.  Dragons have come to hate the two legged intruders.   So when the elves accidently moved to this scared area the dragons immediately started killing them without hesitation. 


I will make a quick note in this version that the elves are already being slaughtered by the urgals and that the dragons and elves have a common enemy even if they don’t realize it.  At this point the dwarves are minding their own business.  They have not killed any dragons but some of their people were killed by dragons.  The dwarves do not understand the dragons are sentient or that the Eldunarya are sacred.  They just stay away from dragons because they are dangerous.  The dwarves are aware of the elves who are now living in the land.  The elves also don’t know the dragons are sentient and just view them as aggressive animals.  They try to just defend themselves at first but then the start fighting the dragons starting a war.


In the middle of the war, a elf child named Eragon is orphaned.  He is about 8 to 10 years old.  His parents where killed early in the war.  His older brother has just been battling and killed by a mother dragon.  The mother dragon dies shortly after from the wounds the brother inflected during the fight.  Eragon is alone and scared.  He hears something and picks his brother sword.  There is a nest of smashed eggs but one of the eggs survived and is hatching.  Eragon prepares to kill the baby dragon but finds can’t.  Eragon does not understand at first but feels connected to the dragon.  He runs away from everything and names the dragon Bid’Daum.  They form the first bond and share a telepathic link in which they can talk to each other.  After a few years pass and Bid’Daum feels like they should try to stop the war.  He and Eragon return and create ‘peace’ between the two races by uniting the two races against the urgals.  


*Please note it is possible that Eragon and Bid’Daum were aided by someone like Angela, a grey folk, or a werecat.  Maybe they were sheltered by the dwarves.  I am trying to make dwarves interesting.


The dragons and elves made a peace treaty pact in ancient magic. After this an oddity started to occur.  Eragon and Bid’Duam were no longer the only ones to have a partnership.  Dragons and Elves started to become bonded to each other.  It was not usually an active choice and extremely rare.  It was an unattended side effect of the peace treaty.   If the ancient magic of the peace treaty determined that an elf individual and a dragon individual were compatible to each other would bond to each other.

*Both individuals would become mentally linked and bonded for life.

*The Elf would bear the gedwëy ignasia ("shining palm") on their hand.

*They gained the ability to speak in telepathy to any species.  Note in this version unbounded dragons can only talk to each other,  elves and humans do not have the ability of telepathy.  Ones who do have it by unnatural means like drinking dragon blood or embedding a dragon tooth into themselves or maybe stealing an Eldunarí.

*A dragon’s magic flows through the elf.  The elf becomes physically stronger and is able to control the magic.   Note: dragon’s are magically but if unbounded the can only produce fire.

*The Dragon becomes stronger, their magic becomes stronger and sometimes bonded dragons are able to use that magic for things other than fire.  However they don’t have a lot of control over it.



Also in this version the part were the dragons give up their eggs to the riders and have spells put on them forcing them to became bonded has been removed. Dragons and Elves can become partners at anytime after they are born if ancient magic makes it so.


I will mention that I really like how The Dark Griffin did this so much better with the griffin choosing.  “Mine. My human. Mine.”  But hey this is Eragon and magic fixes everything including friendships.


Anyway the Shur'tugal keep peace between the races.


The urgals are under control.  The elves, dragons and dwarves become allies. Humans come into the picture and become Shur'tugal too.


The dragon rider downfall occurs.  The dragons are going going extinct. 


Three eggs a blue, a red, and a green have powerful protection spells cast over them.  The spells were cast on them to prevent anything from destroying them and make sure they hatched in the presence of a partner so both individuals could become stronger.


 Note the the Eldunarya in version may not house a dragon's consciousness.  It may just be the source of a dragon's magic.  Maybe that magic lets you do things like talk to the dead or see the past.  Maybe dragons believe that when you die your spirit returns to the earth and you become one with all the other spirits.  idk.


So that is my second stab at correcting the elf/dragon bond.  Anyone else have any ideas?


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