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What would A Dragon Want? (Repost)

 What would A Dragon Want?

What would A Dragon Want?

I have been hanging out here for a while. It is one of my favorite things to do because everyone has such remarkable posts. I find the topic of the dragons in Eragon one of the most interesting subjects.

As others have pointed out the dragons in The Inheritance Cycle are slaves. It starts when selected dragon eggs are forced to wait to hatch until a person they can bond to arrives. This person becomes their rider and becomes powerful and immortal from getting a dragon. However the dragons don’t benefit at all from being bonded to a rider. In fact these immortal beings suffer because if their riders die they also die.

In a perfect Eragon World would in be possible for a Dragon/Human or Elf bond to have equal benefits? What would a talking dragon want out of the relationship?

What would a dragon want? Saphira and Eragon

The following is just my brainstorming:

My thoughts are that maybe a different backstory to the dragon riders should be given. Maybe the Dragons and Elves should be of two different opposite types of magic as they are from different lands. Maybe the dragon magic was red, fire, telepathy and the elf magic was green, earthy, plants, healing. Maybe the very nature of these two groups is what started the war. Maybe an elf accidently killed a dragon for hunting his animal friends because elves are vegetarians and have never seen such ferocity.

Skip forward to the middle of the war where a young elf and dragon hatchling become friends in the midst of a terrible fight were their families killed each other. This young elf and dragon form the first bond and share a telepathic link to each other. Together they end the war and bring understanding between their two races.

After of the dragon/elf war ended and words of true peace were made at the tree, an oddity started to happen. After the peace treaty was made dragon magic and elf magic (which were opposite to each other) became like magnets. An elf individual and a dragon individual who were compatible to each other thus become bonded and became what was know as anchors to the new way of life. These anchors acted as messengers and later protectors of the new group. Both the elf and the dragon in the bond became immortal and more powerful. Later when humans who called the human anchors, dragonriders, were added to the group and something went wrong.

In this version of the story the part were the dragons give up their eggs to the riders and have spells put on them forcing them to became bonded has been removed. The blue, red, and green eggs from the story were a special case. They were the last hope to save the dragon race after Galbatorix went crazy. Maybe the spells were cast to prevent anything from destroying them and make sure they hatched in the presence of their partner so both individuals could become stronger.

As far as abilities (I am having a hard time with this):

Both would get immortality, strength, and speed.

Human (or Elf): if human changes to look like elf, healing, magical powers (shields and fire), telepathy

Dragon: brighter colors, speech in words, stronger scales, limitless fire, acid venom, maybe the ability to breathe other elements?(That is what friends keep suggesting)

Anyway I am still not too sure how a dragon would benefit or want a dragon would even want... but those was my thoughts. Seriously what would a dragon want?


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