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Shur’tugal Anime Outline and Bible (Repost)

This is the outline I have been working on for the anime adaption.  Most of the ideas and bullet points are to be credit to the users of the site.  I am going have to start keeping track of who has been helping me.  So far epistler, gharial, hergrim, kippurbird, minionnumber2, predak123, snarkbotanya, torylltales, ultramega10.  I am missing some names right now.  Please add yours if you have helped shaped the adaption I am working on.  I am just trying to keep track of everyone who deserves some credit.  If you want your credit to be under a different name let me know.  This adaption won’t be done for years.  It will still be flawed because the source material is flawed but I am keeping it as close to the books as possible. 

 Shur’tugal Anime Outline and Bible 

(This is not set in stone and still needs a lot of work)


 Pre Notes:

 *Nothing is naturally immortal

-Elves live to be a thousand years-two thousand years old

 -Dragons live to be 500-600 years old

 -Humans live to be 80-100 years old

 *Dragons stop growing.

 *Dragon in the series will not be automatically intelligent.  They will have instinct.  I may give them a hive memory but am not really leaning that way.

 *Dragons have eldunarya but they are different from the book.  Eldunarya are magic powerups. The eldunarya are organs that give dragons the ability to use magic which although limited still grants the dragon the ability to use telepathy and fire and occasionally perform oddities.  Dragons do not have a spoken language and instead speak through images/sounds/feelings.  Thus the dragons are not able to speak the Ancient Language that can fully control magic.  However when a dragon partners to a being like a elf or human capable of speech and thus able to speak the speak the Ancient Language, the bond allows the magic of the dragon to be welded by their elf/human partner in more unique ways.

Do to the magical properties of the eldunarya they have become a valuable object.  They continue to work after the dragon’s death for a certain amount of time.  Eldunarya were often collected and kept to improve one’s magical abilities.  An eldunari can be used to empower anyone who can speak ancient language.  This has lead some to slay dragons so they can keep the eldunarí for themselves.

Although an eldunarí is usually only separated from a dragon in death, there are other ways to acquire it.  As the dragon riders learn more about the magic system they found they could do more and more with it.  A dragon could disgorged its Eldunarí by the aid of its rider preforming a spell in Ancient Language.  It was discovered that whoever held that dragon’s Eldunarí controlled it and was able to make the dragon do anything they wanted.  Even more so there was a way to trapped a dragon’s consciousness in its eldunarya.  This magic was considered to be dark  and it was decided taboo because one was trying to control things one was not meant to control.

Also here is a random video about something that reminds me of the eldunarya from Eragon.  What do you think the jewels function as in this video. Just curious as to what you think. It is a beautiful animation. 

 Also what can Eragon/Saphira and Eragon/Roran talk about to show they have a connection? 


Pre Dragon Riders

 *Grey Folk Disappear

 *Angela a grey folk.  She is capable of changing her appearance and hides by appearing to be a different race.  She has always been an odd one.  She gain immortally somehow probably though a pact with Solembum.  Maybe he saved her because she or her race made a terrible mistake and she is dying.

 *Dragons ruled Alegasia. (maybe Urgals should be native as well instead of Dwarves idk)

 *Urgals hunt and eat dragons. Dwarves try to take eldunarya from the dragon graveyard.

 *Elves arrive into the area

 *Dragons kill anything anything with a humanoid appearance and start killing elves too

 *The Du Fyrn Skulblaka (The Dragon/Elf War starts)

 *Eragon I is a child during the war.  Eragon’s brother is fatally wounded after he kills a dragon. Since Eragon’s parents had already been kill he is orphaned.  He realizes the dragon had a nest.  All the dragon’s eggs have been mashed but one white one.  

 *The egg hatches and Eragon ends up befriending and being bonded to the baby dragon instead of killing it.  This may have been an event helped by Angela or Solembum.  Maybe even a dragon oddity from the dragon itself.

 *Eragon and Bid’Daum grow up together outside of the war.  They may have been helped by Angela or Solembum.  (Maybe other too like Dwarves or humans.)

 *Eragon and Bid’Daum go back and end the war.

 *A pact is made between the races to insure peace.

 *Elf and Dragon Future Leaders Bond making the Dragon Riders Leaders to both societies. (???) 


 Dragon Riders

*Elf and Dragon Partners are the Leaders in Society

 *Humans added but it is controversial.

 *Galbatorix bonds to 1st dragon, Jarnunvösk 


Fall of the Dragon Riders

 *Jarnunvösk, dies

 *Galbatorix becomes mad and wants to resurrect Jarnunvösk through whatever means necessary.

 * The Dragon Riders refuse to help him resurrect Jarnunvösk

* Galbatorix decides to destroy the riders since they are hiding magic from him.  (Maybe he was coax by an outside force. idk)

 *Galbatorix steals himself new dragon hatchling who he names Shrunken

 *Galbatorix and his corrupt riders form the Forsworn

 *The Forsworn start killing the Dragon Riders and wild dragons so they can gather the eldunarya to boost their magic.

 *3 eggs have fate altering spells cast on them to save the future for the dragon riders

 *The Forsworn’s dragons have there names taken away from them.

 *Galbatorix and the Forsworn win and all the other riders and dragons are killed.


Galbatorix’s Early Rule

*Galbatorix gains control over the last 3 eggs

 *Galbatorix’s gives the Forsworn each a region to control, but since the The Banishing of the Names changed their dragons the Forsworn also became mad over time.

 *Galbatorix is depressed and finds himself unable to bring Jarnunvösk back from the dead.

 *Selena is with Morzan and has Murtagh

 *Selena is with Brom and has Eragon

 *Selena leave Eragon to be raised by her brother Garrow.


The Blue Brick

*The Varden gain possession of the blue egg

 *Arya teleports the egg away and is captured by a shade

 *Eragon finds Sapphire’s egg which hatches for him

 *Brom Tutors Eragon and Saphira

 *Eragon and Saphira save Arya

 *Eragon and Saphira met Murtagh

 * Eragon’s Party reaches the Varden


 *Eragon kills a Shade


The Red Brick

* Murtagh gets kidnapped 

 * Eragon gets new mentors 

 *Murtagh becomes a dragon rider and is join force to Galbatriox because he was tortured.

 *Eragon loses Zar’roc to Murtagh, 


The Gold Brick

*It was boring so I am going to ignore it and it doesn’t exist.


 The Green Brick

*This is mostly Predak’s ending made into bullet points.  I think I will be getting rid of Eldunari as living consciousness though and I am still uncertain if the dragon riders should have been evil.

*Eragon needs a sword and must go on a quest to find Brom’s old blade.

*Works towards unite the races of Alagaesia under his banner against Galbatorix

* Eragon gets a clue from the Menoa tree as to where the Riders’ old outpost was, and he journeys there to try to find Brom’s old sword.

*The old outpost has been mostly destroyed, but there are a few records of the history of the Riders. 

*Eragon and Saphira collect Brom’s sword and leave the island

*While Eragon was off to the island, Galby and Shruikan launched an attack on Ellesmera, which killed many of the elves. including Islandzadi, Oromis, and Glaedr), destroyed much of the forest, and left many of the survivors badly wounded. 

 *The Menoa tree burns down.

 *Infuriated by this, the elf Rhunon decides to break her oath,  she forges the dauthdaert.

 *Eragon continues to unit the races.

 *Eragon and company go to Helgrind to rescue Nasuada (Helgrind is a prison). There, they meet an Urgal woman named Kayana (a new character for the series) and the green dragon egg. 

 *They fight Murtaugh and Thorn. Using some knowledge he learned on the Riders’ island, Eragon manages to partially break Galbatorix’s hold on Murtaugh. 

 *The green dragon egg hatches for Kayana.

 *Eragon’s Party fights Murtagh

 *Galbatorix is defeated.

 *Shruikan bonds to Elva

 *Saphira mates and has eggs.


 Post Books

*A living wild dragon is found by Murtagh and Thorn

 *Arya gets a dragon he is green with yellow eyes and she names him Firnen.

 *Arya and Eragon end up together

 *New Dragon Riders


 I know a very rough outline but I will work on improving it as time goes on.  I pretty much just copied and pasted any ideas I like just like Paolini. : D  Just kind of interested in what other people would suggest on these points.  Often adaptions alter the source material but I want to kept it kind of similar to the books.  I will probably repost an altered version of this again at a later date. 


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