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Anime Galbatorix Bio - Attempt 1 (Repost)

The following is a modified take on Galbatrorix.

Quoted text is from the inheritance fandom wiki.  These are notes/ideas for the anime so I am not bothering to write an article in my own words.  I probably will not focus this much on rider history or politics however I do feel the need to make some changes to the dragon rider history for the series.  I feel that how it is in the book just will not hold up well in the anime series.

 You can be harsh about my changes.  I don’t want to make things worse.  I am trying to improve the series enough to make it enjoyable to watch and similar to the books.  I also refuse to add anymore living dragons to the series so there are just going to be the main five. 

 Pre-Notes for this version:

*shur’tugal refers to the pair bonded by the pact, it can refer to a dragon/elf pair or dragon/human pair.  

 *Dragons have eldunarya but they are different from the book.  Eldunarya are magic powerups. The eldunarya are organs that give dragons the ability to use magic which although limited still grants the dragon the ability to use telepathy and fire and occasionally perform oddities.  Dragons do not have a spoken language and instead speak through images/sounds/feelings.  Thus the dragons are not able to speak the Ancient Language that can fully control magic.  However when a dragon partners to a being like a elf or human capable of speech and thus able to speak the speak the Ancient Language, the bond allows the magic of the dragon to be welded by their elf/human partner in more unique ways.

 Do to the magical properties of the eldunarya they have become a valuable object.  They continue to work after the dragon’s death for a certain amount of time.  Eldunarya were often collected and kept to improve one’s magical abilities.  An eldunari can be used to empower anyone who can speak ancient language.  This has lead some to slay dragons so they can keep the eldunarí for themselves.

 Although an eldunarí is usually only separated from a dragon in death, there are other ways to acquire it.  As the dragon riders learn more about the magic system they found they could do more and more with it.  A dragon could disgorged its Eldunarí by the aid of its rider preforming a spell in Ancient Language.  It was discovered that whoever held that dragon’s Eldunarí controlled it and was able to make the dragon do anything they wanted.  This magic was considered to be dark  and it was decided that it was taboo because one was trying to control things one was not meant to control.

 Galbatorix Rewritten Bio/History:

 “Anurin was an elf and the leader of the Dragon Riders during the time of King Palancar. He convinced the ruling elven monarch, Queen Dellanir, to incorporate humans into the pact between the elves and dragons, thereafter enabling humans to become Riders. Anurin understood that humans had the potential to become the dominant race of Alagaësia. By joining the human race with that of the elves through the Riders, he was able to prevent any wars over the dominion of Alagaësia from occurring. The bond caused much controversy within the elves and Anurin then made the decision to move the Riders out of Du Weldenvarden to Vroengard.”  Such there was so much controversy Anurin decided he wanted to be able to mold the new rider humans into their way of life.  He started allowing human children (especially orphans) to meet young dragonlings (possibly orphans too) for a chance to bond.  To basically indoctrinate young new shur’tugal into the system.

 Galbatorix was the youngest.  He is a 10 year old orphan chosen by a young grey dragonling, Jarnunvösk.  Galbatorix and Jarnunvösk were very talented students.

 In his teenage years Galbatorix and Jarnunvösk, along with two shur’tugal companions recklessly entered urgal territory on a challenge. The urgals attacked and kill everyone except Galbatorix.

When Jarnunvösk dies, Galbatorix feels her die and become nothing.  He goes into shock.  He can’t live without her and wants to die with her, they were suppose to be immortal.  He wants to die with her although he is terrified of the nothingness but he doesn’t.  He survives.  He finds himself going from seeking death, to talking to her even though she is gone, and he wants to bring her back to save her from nothingness by any means necessary.

Evil Unnamed Force [I haven’t named them] offers him advice and manipulates him so they can gain power. [Note Evil Unnamed Person also knows Durza] Galbatorix  gets into the forbidden documents that only the elder riders have access to.  The dragon riders council finds out and tries to convince Galbatorix that that magic is forbidden for a reason.  Dark magic has terrible consiquences, such as sacrifices, etc.  Some things are not meant to be messed with and that dark magic is one of those things.  Galbatorix doesn’t listen he just demands another dragon so he can perform powerful spells again. The riders try to explain that everyone only has one match and once bonded to a dragon they can never bond again.  The riders are sympathetic to his loss but this is just the way things are.  Some of the shur’tugal elders become worried.

Galbatorix will not stop at this point, he is going to bring back Jarnunvösk.  He learns dark magic and forces a dragonling to bond to him though taking is eldunaryi and killing its rider.  He offers the riders who become the forsworn power if they help him, the dragon riders’ war starts, and he starts slaughtering all the wild dragons so he can get their eldunarya  and power up.   He wins the war and becomes a king but he is also a puppet to the Evil Unnamed Force.  He gives the forsworn each a region to rule.  He also has conquered the urgals who he hates and uses them in whatever ways he wants.

Galbatorix tries desperately to bring Jarnunvösk back to life but has no luck.  He sacrifices villages of urgals/humans for his dark magic/or to make allies with people who know about dark magic to try to bring her back but continues to fail.  He becomes a very absent king because he is busy working on ways to bring her back.  He doesn’t even care a the forsworn fall apart or about his subjects all he cares about is her.

Attempted Dialog between Elder Shur'tugal and Galbatorix after he has gone through the forbidden books.

Elder Shur'tugal- Some things are not meant to be in our control.

Galbatorix- There is no God, no right, no wrong! Its just survival of the fitness.  Do you think you the elders should get to decide what is in my control.  I can fix things I can bring her back!

Elder Shur'tugal-  Dark magic requires sacrifices.  We should not control who lives or dies.

Galbatorix- I do not care.  

Elder Shur'tugal- I know you are hurting right now.  You have been through-

Galbatorix- I just need another dragon.

Elder Shur'tugal- It just not possible to bond twice.  I know you miss her.  She can't be replaced.

Galbatorix- I am not replacing her! 

Galbatorix storms off.


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